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About Botanicus

Take responsibility for people and the region

Botanicus also actively participates in the further development of the region, because the company's responsibility for the people and the environment in which they live is an inseparable part of the company philosophy. The use of traditional packaging materials and historical processes in combination with the labor and craftsmanship of the local residents help to revitalize the social structure and create unique products at the same time. Our vision for the future is to raise our services step by step to the best possible level and thus not only offer customers and visitors individual support, but also in-depth knowledge of the limitless possibilities of the kingdom of plants.

Naturkosmetik | Botanicus | Klagenfurt


we  make an effort  us about the connection of  three principles:

  • Environmentally friendly cultivation of high quality plants as raw materials,

  • subsequent processing and

  • Selling own products.

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